Do you see your child struggle with:

  • Frustration in doing homework

  • Poor listening skills

  • Making and keeping friends

  • Being unmotivated to go to school

  • Low Self-Esteem

  • Resistance to reading

  • Slow laborious reading

  • Resistance to writing

  • Difficulty sounding out words

  • Difficulty following directions

  • Difficulty remembering things

  • Poor visual discrimination

  • Often asking for things to be repeated

  • Keeping up with peers

  • Difficulty being in a noisy place

  • Focusing only on details

  • Quick to get angry

  • Gifted but struggling in school

  • Seemingly clumsy

  • Poor spelling

  • Difficulty sitting still 

We provide intervention tailored to the specific needs of your child

At יוצרים למידה We treat the cause, not the symptoms


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