Equipping the child,

Equipping the parent

Underlying all our work is the faith we have in the ability of any child to learn and to change. A conviction based on careful analysis of the underlying difficulties causing the struggle to learn and a deep curiosity and appreciation as to the person the child is.


Children have learned to focus on “the right answer” or the desired behavior, not on the thinking process itself. They are not used to having their thinking processes confirmed, even if their answer is incorrect. They are not accustomed to experiencing that they themselves as a person are not the problem, rather that they have a problem. We aim on the child experiencing success.

Our belief in the child, belief in the possibilities of the child, makes a difference even before we have started working concretely with the child. We focus on the abilities, not the inabilities.

We work with the child and use the child’s interests and strengths to become once more interested in learning in any setting. The result is true independence in learning and adaptation in life.


I experienced school as the place to love learning, to be inquisitive, to ask questions and to learn about the inter-connectedness of the world around us. Only when I studied to become a teacher in Special Education did I learn how this attitude towards children and learning is not the rule - especially for children experiencing any kind of difficulty.

My desire to understand the why of learning difficulties has led me to conclude that learning is a whole body experience. The body is the instrument we learn with. If one part does not function effectively, learning will be affected. When I work with a child I begin by sharing that I am a curious person who will ask many questions to understand why he does what he does - not because what he is doing is incorrect, but because I want to understand. Mistakes become intriguing learning moments for both of us.

Over the years I have continuously invested in ongoing learning and accreditation in developing a comprehensive whole body / person approach. I am a certified teacher of special needs. I subsequently earned certification as a Brain Stimulation Method de Jong Therapist - Holland, Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment Mediator - Israel. I work with Collaborative and Proactive Solutions as developed by Dr. Ross Greene and am one of the few authorized providers of Interactive Metronome in Israel.


I have always been interested in how people think, learn, adapt and achieve a sense of self worth.

I began my academic and professional journey with an honors degree in Philosophy followed by a Professional Teaching Certificate. After teaching in public elementary and high school classrooms my “how do we learn or not” questions became more insistent. Society’s direction became increasingly diagnostic without successfully answering the “how” about learning.

A lecture by Professor Reuven Feuerstein PhD, Z”L in 1991 opened the door to the field of Dynamic Assessment and Intervention - the how of learning and  why children do not meet expectations. This enlightening lecture led to a 12 year collaboration with the Feuerstein Institute Jerusalem and enrollment in an innovative Doctoral program in Special Needs at the Hebrew University.


When subsequently directing a successful Pediatric Developmental Center in Montreal Canada from 2003 to 2017, I led a clinical team of therapists, teachers, team supervisors and social workers. Our clients, 7 weeks to 18 years of age, ranged in ability from the profoundly challenged to the gifted. My how, why and why not questions were central to our understanding of the change process for child, parents and partners.


Today, at יוצרים למידה, I continue to collaborate with children, parents and partners for success. 

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